how to decorate for holidays

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The trick to decorating for holidays in quick succession is tolayer your decor. Start decorating your home for fall by changing up your interior colors. Add a few pumpkins and garden decor to the exterior.

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  • How can I decorate my home for the holidays?

  • Keep holiday party guests warm and in good spirits with a simple spot dedicated to mixing cold-weather concoctions. Keep your holiday decor traditional and vintage with front porch styling that’s timeless and packed with old-school country charm. Amp up the holiday charm in your own holiday house by doubling — or tripling! — your Christmas trees.

  • What holidays should you decorate for this year?

  • Remember to decorate for: 1 spring 2 summer 3 autumn/fall 4 winter 5 Valentine鈥檚 Day 6 St. Patrick鈥檚 Day 7 Easter 8 4th of July 9 Memorial Day 10 Labor Day 11 Halloween 12 Thanksgiving 13 Christmas 14 New Years

  • How can I decorate my bedroom for Christmas this year?

  • Blogger Liz Marie hangs a large painted wood wall sign as the perfect finishing touch for her cozy Christmas bedroom, pictured here. Another good idea: Update all your framed family photos, so that visiting relatives can see what you’ve been doing in the past year.

  • Are there any dates on the holiday decorating schedule?

  • There are no dates on the holiday decorating schedule so you can print it out year after year. It鈥檚 an easy thing to add to a household binder or holiday planner each year. Pin It For Later!

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