how to decorate hay bales for christmas

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Decorate a hay bale with some natural beauty bylining it with flowers. Buy a few colorful bouquets and separate each flower from the bunch. Then stick them one by one into the hay bale with only the blossom showing.

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  • What can you do with hay bale DIY projects?

  • Add festive curb appeal to your front yard, assemble cheap sectional seating in your backyard, or even grow a pint-size garden鈥攖he possibilities with hay bales are seemingly endless. Let the following ideas inspire your next hay bale DIY project. 1. Decorative Straw Bale Curb Appeal

  • What to do with straw bales for Christmas?

  • But, once those straw bales have been used for Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities, they can be repurposed for winter holiday decor, too. Red tulle, a couple of potted evergreens, and maybe even a few mock presents would turn these bales into a rustic and cheery Christmas display.

  • What animals can you make out of round hay bales?

  • Stab sticks into the hay bale around the rabbit’s nose to make whiskers and create a fluffy tale from pillow stuffing. Pigs, sheep and cows are a few other farm animals that can be fashioned out of round hay bales. Use colorful lights to add some flair to your round hay bales.

  • How do you light up a hay bale tree?

  • Insert the stake of a fire-safe, solar path light into the bale at the base of the branches to light the feature for visibility and safety — and to create spooky shadows.

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