how to decorate hay bales for christmas

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Decorate a hay bale with some natural beauty bylining it with flowers. Buy a few colorful bouquets and separate each flower from the bunch. Then stick them one by one into the hay bale with only the blossom showing.

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  • Why hay bale fall decorations?

  • Hay bale decorations give you a 鈥渨ow鈥?factor with very little work needed on your part. Come see how our outdoor fall decor turned out this year and get inspired to make your own hay bale decorations. Hay bale fall decorations are near and dear to my heart. Kind of sounds a little odd, but I have sentimental feelings associated with them.

  • What can you do with hay bale DIY projects?

  • Add festive curb appeal to your front yard, assemble cheap sectional seating in your backyard, or even grow a pint-size garden鈥攖he possibilities with hay bales are seemingly endless. Let the following ideas inspire your next hay bale DIY project. 1. Decorative Straw Bale Curb Appeal

  • Do you decorate your front porch with hay bales?

  • This fall decorating idea using hay bales has been a tradition of mine for years and years. I have used this technique at two different homes of ours and have loved them both equally. Our previous home had a smaller front porch so I was only able to put one fall hay bale display out.

  • Where can I buy decorative straw hay bales?

  • Quick note: When getting your hay from a local feed store, make sure to ask for decorative straw hay bales. The hay that these feed stores tend to carry on a regular basis is what is referred to as pine straw hay.

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