how to decorate hot cocoa bombs

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  • How to make hot cocoa bombs?

  • How to make Hot Cocoa Bombs (with Variations!) Melt the chocolate. Fill the molds using the back of a spoon to cover it completely. Let cool and remove the spheres from the molds. Fill one half with cocoa, chips or candies and marshmallows. Dip the empty half of the sphere into melted chocolate and attach to the filled sphere and seal.

  • How do you decorate chocolate bombs?

  • Use candy melts and small piping bags to decorate your chocolate bombs. Think pink and red for Valentine鈥檚 day, red, white, and green for Christmas etc. Sprinkles, edible glitter, and chocolate chips/chunks are a great way to jazz up your cocoa bombs. Drizzle over a small amount of melted chocolate and top with sprinkles so they stick.

  • What kind of chocolates do you use to make bombs?

  • There are several options for chocolates to make these bombs as well. You can purchase actual white chocolate bars, or the melting chips. I like the blocks, because they are so easy to work with. For more variations, try these Strawberry Chocolate Cocoa Bombs, White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs, or Lucky Charms Hot Cocoa Bombs.

  • What is the best way to store hot cocoa bombs?

  • Let the melted chocolate set for a few minutes, then store your finished homemade hot cocoa bombs in sealed bags, jars or a plastic container at room temperature. Place one chocolate bomb in the bottom of a mug.

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