how to decorate large glass vases

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Bigger glass vases might be more challenging to decorate, but with the right materials and placement, these vases can be your home鈥檚 focal point. For you to achieve this goal,fill a large glass vase with beans or seeds, add a small layer of soil on top, and place some succulents.

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  • How do you decorate a simple vase?

  • The easiest way to decorate a plain vase is with paint! Paint the inside or out for a unique look. You can also use modge podge to add fabric or craft paper for a textured look. Here are some more DIY flower vase ideas! Want to make a beautiful DIY vase? Here are a ton of ideas! Add sticks or branches to a vase for a rustic wood vase look.

  • How to decorate your home with old glass bottles?

  • Here is another low-budget and smart vase idea! Wrap the twine around the old glass bottles and display your own special cut flowers in them! Experiment this yarn bottle vase with different colored yarn and flowers! Here is complete how-to guide for it weddingchicks Use your old sweaters to create cozy vases, perfect for winter home decors!

  • What can you do with this glass vase makeover?

  • This glass vase makeover will really be a great solution for you to add amazing visual details to your long forgotten pots and vases! Enjoy a nicely painted look or just spruce it up more with polka dots, sequins or crystal beads! Complete guide and tutorial here pinkwhen

  • How can I make a rustic vase or votive?

  • Cover the whole outside of a glass jar with tree branches cut to size and gain a beautiful rustic vase or votive for home decor! Pretty simple but great DIY vase project! Further details here craftionary

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