how to decorate long narrow porch

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  • How do you design a front porch for a small house?

  • Architectural Ideas for Porches on Small Houses 1 Decorative Arch and Sitting Area. This porch was a simple concrete slab in front of the home. … 2 Grand Entry. … 3 Simple Front Porch with Pillars. … 4 Mirrored Porch. … 5 French Door Porch. … 6 Decked Entrance. … 7 Framed Walkway. … 8 Pergola Roof. …

  • How to decorate your front porch with water features?

  • You can make your front porch decorating lively by incorporating a fountain or a combination of a fireplace and a water feature. A combination will add more appeal and heighten your porch鈥檚 appeal. A simple fountain can bring out the visual appeal and the sound of the water gushing is also amazing.

  • What makes a good landscape around a porch?

  • Taller shrubs go well against well, while shorter flowers and plants should surround the stairs and base of the porch. If you have a high porch, your landscaping in front can reach up to the height of the porch鈥檚 floor. This is the perfect example of using the landscaping around the porch to make the porch stand out even more.

  • How to decorate your front porch with a hammock?

  • Spoil yourself by incorporating your cozy hammock on your front porch decorating. Then add more pillows as you take a nap or listening to your favorite relaxing song. A hammock can also be used to snuggle up with that special person as you admire the night sky and your inspirational porch ideas.

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