how to decorate my chimney

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For decorating a Chimney with glass: You can decorate your glass chimney with some nice touches likecolorful stained glasses. They will give a very unique style to the decor and make it look bright and lively! To cover up the inside of your Chimney, you can decorate them with floral prints or use an artificial plant on top of it as well.

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  • How can I decorate my chimney breast?

  • If the chimney breast you want to decorate is situated in the kitchen like one of ours, a fantastic use of space is to open up a portion of the wall and fit a freestanding or counter-top stove within it. Here we’ve been able to maximise worktop space elsewhere in the room, and make a real feature of the chimney breast.

  • How do I decorate the chimney of a Victorian fireplace?

  • Decorate the chimney of a Victorian fireplace with ornate sconces flanking a painting or large mirror in a gilded frame. A cottage-style fireplace is often crafted from rock, giving it a rustic ambiance. Its mantel may boast items from nature such as shells picked up on the beach or interesting rocks found on long hikes.

  • How do you decorate a chimney for Easter?

  • Pull the vignette together with a large pine cone wreath featuring a tartan bow centered on the chimney. Give the fireplace Easter flair by marching wooden folk art bunnies and brightly colored wooden eggs across the mantel. Add the finishing touch with a painting depicting rabbits in their natural habitat displayed on the chimney.

  • Can you put a stove top in a chimney breast?

  • If you have a chimney breast in your kitchen, you can make better use of the space with a bit of a renovation. Open up the part of the chimney breast wall so that you can place a counter or freestanding stove top inside it. This makes the chimney breast much more practical.

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