how to decorate my chimney

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  • How can I decorate my chimney breast?

  • If the chimney breast you want to decorate is situated in the kitchen like one of ours, a fantastic use of space is to open up a portion of the wall and fit a freestanding or counter-top stove within it. Here we’ve been able to maximise worktop space elsewhere in the room, and make a real feature of the chimney breast.

  • Can you put a stove top in a chimney breast?

  • If you have a chimney breast in your kitchen, you can make better use of the space with a bit of a renovation. Open up the part of the chimney breast wall so that you can place a counter or freestanding stove top inside it. This makes the chimney breast much more practical.

  • What is a chimney breast and what is it used for?

  • Chimney breasts have several uses, whether they鈥檙e dormant or active. The most obvious reason for having a chimney breast is for the fireplace. Whether it鈥檚 an open electric, wood-burning or gas design, they鈥檙e used to heat your house and add a cosy aesthetic.

  • Does a chimney breast make a room smaller?

  • If your chimney breast is in a fairly modest size room, you might worry that adding shelves and reinstating period details like coving and fireplaces will make the space smaller. And that’s true to an extent. There’s different design ideas you can adopt to combat this though.

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