how to decorate my chimney

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For decorating a Chimney with glass: You can decorate your glass chimney with some nice touches likecolorful stained glasses. They will give a very unique style to the decor and make it look bright and lively! To cover up the inside of your Chimney, you can decorate them with floral prints or use an artificial plant on top of it as well.

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  • How do you decorate a chimney breast?

  • If your fireplace is no longer in use, they can still make beautiful design features. Consider decorating your non-active chimney breast by installing a mantelpiece (if you don鈥檛 already have one), putting flowers, logs, ornaments, books, bunting or even artwork in the hearth.

  • Can You tile a chimney breast?

  • Tiling a chimney breast can be a great solution for those where an open fire has been swapped with an in-built gas unit. A stylish narrow tile in a metallic finish really makes this chimney breast a special feature against the deep green background walls.

  • How can I add value to my chimney breast?

  • Go bespoke with built in alcove shelves Another way to add value (and a whole load of character!) to your chimney breast is by getting bespoke shelves built in to your alcoves. We commissioned a local carpenter to design us the ultimate chimney breast storage plan.

  • Can you put a cooker in a chimney breast?

  • Inset your cooker in the kitchen If the chimney breast you want to decorate is situated in the kitchen like one of ours, a fantastic use of space is to open up a portion of the wall and fit a freestanding or counter-top stove within it.

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