how to decorate my clear phone case

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Paint it

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  • How can I decorate my phone case?

  • Try using nail polish; it will be easy to decorate, and easy to take off with nail polish remover. Thanks! Can I spray paint my phone case? You could spray paint it, but I would not recommend it.

  • How can I paint on a clear phone case?

  • Alternatively, you can paint on a piece of paper using watercolors or oil pastels or any other medium of your choice and simply insert the paper into your clear phone case. Interested in learning ideas for painting on phone cases?

  • How to make your clear phone case more attractive?

  • Paper stashes too will help you to create your clear phone case more attractive. Your phone case is transparent and so it is easy to change the designs if you do not like it. In case you do not have a paper stash, it is best to choose old tissue paper or decorative old greeting cards.

  • Can you use washi tape to decorate a phone case?

  • Yes, washi tape can be the perfect way to decorate a phone case! Before you start your DIY phone case adventure, make sure you have a clear phone case, washi tape in any pattern or color you like, X 鈥?acto knife, and cutting mat. Start from the bottom and cover the case with washi tape from the outside.

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