how to decorate my house like a lodge

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With all the stone and wood in a lodge,there are a lot of jagged edges,so make sure there are places to settle in and absorb the view.Layered rugs,oversize leather furniture and window seatswill do the trick. Furniture with soul. The lodge has soul,so make sure your furniture does as well.

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  • What are the best ways to decorate a lodge?

  • Natural light and an unobstructed view to the outdoors is a desirable feature of lodge decor. Slide floor-length draperies over metal curtain rods and hang them above your living room windows to provide color, texture and privacy.

  • What makes a house look like a lodge?

  • A beautiful contemporary lodge look The classic mix of organic materials, leather, and rich warm shades gives this living room a cozy lodge feel. Rust red wall paint, a towering fireplace with a stone facade, and beautiful wood floors come together beautifully in this contemporary take on cabin style decor.

  • What to look for in a cabin inspired living room?

  • 10 Gorgeous Cabin Inspired Living Room Ideas. 1 1. A warm and rustic retreat. This cabin gets a large dose of warmth and style from its floors and walls, which are clad in reclaimed wood of varying … 2 2. Updated lodge style. 3 3. Eclectic cabin decor. 4 4. Rich colors and patterns. 5 5. A stylish, neutral color palette. More items

  • How do you decorate a log home with different styles?

  • Transitional design is a great way to combine different styles in one room, such as this contemporary kitchen in a log home. Lots of wood, such as the barrel stools, helps to bridge the gap, while sleek surfaces and clean lines create a more contemporary vibe. 5. Bringing the Outdoors In

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