how to decorate nativity scene

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If you love the red and green colors of Christmas but you don鈥檛 want to distract from your nativity scene,set a large wreath made of pine behind your scene and add a few small fairy lights to it. Then, hang small red and gold Christmas ornamentson it for a subtle pop of color to highlight your nativity scene.

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  • How do you decorate a nativity scene with Christmas lights?

  • Wrap a string of white holiday lights around the base of the manger and the figurines. Cover the lights with a thin sheet of white fabric to mimic snow. The lights will shine through the fabric, giving your nativity scene a warm and inviting look. Place a thin layer of craft straw on the floor of the manager.

  • What is the significance of the nativity scene?

  • The nativity scene is a recognized symbol of Jesus鈥?birth all over the world. The first public nativity scene was created in 1223 by St. Francis of Assisi. His nativity scene was simple. He set up a manger with hay, a live ox, and a live donkey. As community members visited the scene, he preached the Christmas story to them.

  • What are the different types of nativity scenes?

  • Traditional nativity sets include a manger, some form of livestock (usually an ox, donkey, or sheep), Mary and Joseph. Some nativity scenes include a basic shelter; a barn, a cave, or forestry. Many add a star or star backdrop.

  • What do you put in your nativity figures?

  • My first idea was holly berries. My mother has several giant holly bushes in her yard that always need trimming back, and well before Advent the berries start turning bright red. I snipped a few branches and laid them in and out of the nativity figures to create a cozy holiday effect.

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