how to decorate notice board in office

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  • What are some fun office notice board ideas?

  • The Buzz Board is one of the fun office notice board ideas. It鈥檚 a chalkboard where you can post something new and buzzworthy every week. Photo courtesy of Joanne via the State of the Office Manager facebook group

  • How can I decorate my office with a bulletin board?

  • Genius Tip: Designate 鈥淔un Fridays鈥?and create an online sign up where employees can volunteer to bring a snack for the whole office. These bulletin board ideas will both brighten up your office and allow you to communicate with your team in a new, unique way. Happy board decorating!

  • How to make your office more productive with whiteboards?

  • Whiteboards are a great way to shape great ideas in team meetings. In this regard, you should place different whiteboards in different departments. It will help with the flow of ideas and make the office even better. You can also have a notice board to let the workers know about important dates.

  • How do you decorate your office for the holidays?

  • Follow the environment of the office to determine what holidays will be well-received. Don鈥檛 fall into office bulletin board ideas filled with cliches and shortcuts! If you鈥檙e going to do it, do it beautifully and with thoughtful consideration. A subtle winter theme is generally safe; Santa Claus and snowmen may not be.

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