how to decorate notice board in office

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  • What are some fun office notice board ideas?

  • The Buzz Board is one of the fun office notice board ideas. It鈥檚 a chalkboard where you can post something new and buzzworthy every week. Photo courtesy of Joanne via the State of the Office Manager facebook group

  • How to decorate your office bulletin board?

  • Place a bunch of magnets in a bowl near the board and put up a sign that reads: Place a magnet above the initiatives you like! Office Bulletin Board Idea #18: The 鈥淒id You Know?鈥?Board Use this board to post 鈥渄id you know?鈥?questions about employees. Why people love it: People will love learning fun facts about their coworkers.

  • How can I decorate the board?

  • You can decorate the board with colorful hibiscus flowers, seashells, palm trees, and a sun. Hang the students’ artwork on it. This is a great way to make your board look more colorful.

  • What makes for a good office board?

  • Tiled cork boards make for a good office board If tiles are more of your thing, then you should check this idea out because it involves tiles on your board. It is a good idea to apply to your offices, both at home or outside.

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