how to decorate tiny living room

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Use Mirrors and WallpaperA small living room, especially if it鈥檚 short on windows, can feel a bit boxed in. Create a focal point, boost light and add depth all at once by adding wallpaper and hanging a mirror on top.

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  • How to decorate a small living room?

  • To help you put together the best layout, purchase the right kind of furniture and create the illusion of a bigger space, we put together a list of the best ways to decorate a small living room. Once you decide on a layout, color scheme and furniture, be sure to personalize your space with some custom pillows and unique artwork. 1.

  • How do you make a small living room feel Cozy?

  • Elevate an alcove Even a tiny alcove, like in this New York apartment, can work as the perfect living room. Emphasize the coziness of a small footprint with soft textures and calming colors, both of which can make a tiny area feel intentionally small.

  • How to decorate a small space without taking up floor space?

  • Adding a hanging planter or hanging lamp is a great way to add functional decor without taking up floor space. Try a DIY planter to customize it to your room鈥檚 color scheme and decor.

  • Is your small living room too small for your style?

  • Don’t let your small living room pinch your style. No matter how small your space, it can still look stylish whether you own or rent. Discover the 鈥媌est small-space dcor tricks for personalizing the most lived-in spot in your home. An awkwardly shaped living room can be baffling to decorate, but no space is ever too odd for beautiful decor.

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