how to decorate tortoise tank

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  • Can you put a tortoise in a glass tank?

  • Tortoises need lots of floor space for roaming around, but the sides just need to be tall enough that the tortoise can’t climb over (whereas aquariums tend to have tall sides). Unless the tank is very large, providing a proper temperature gradient for a tortoise is too difficult in a glass tank.

  • What do you need to keep a tortoise indoors?

  • Remember that most tortoises get quite large, so a correspondingly large enclosure is needed. In addition, you’ll want something that is relatively easy to clean and that gives you the ability to set up different temperature zones for the tortoise. A glass tank is not the best option for indoor housing.

  • What do you put in a turtle tank?

  • Lastly, your tank MUST include a water dish that is also large enough for your turtle to soak in. If you own a giant turtle, it might be more practical to use a cat litter tray or plant saucer. The most essential 鈥渇urniture鈥?element of a semi-aquatic turtle tank is the basking platform.

  • Can I build a turtle table for my tortoise?

  • Here are some ideas for building or modifying your own turtle table if you must have your tortoise indoors: Tortoise Trust: This simple but ingenious design uses plant trays to line the enclosure with varied substrates.

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