how to decorate with chocolate ganache

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  • How do you make chocolate ganache at home?

  • Using a whisk, combine the chocolate and cream and stir until it forms a thick liquid. Place water in a large saucepan on medium heat, and set the bowl of ganache over it. Stirring with a rubber spatula, continue to heat the ganache until it reaches 42C / 107F.

  • Do you have to stir ganache when making it?

  • Especially with white chocolate ganache keep stirring to a minimum once the chocolate is melted. Ganache is best made in a glass bowl when using a microwave and in stainless steel when using a stovetop.

  • What is ganache made out of?

  • Chocolate ganache is a type of glaze, sauce, or filling that combines melted chocolate and cream. This chocolatey creation ideal for covering cakes, stuffing pastries, and drizzling over desserts. As we mentioned before, ganache also forms the mouth-watering middle of chocolate truffles, making it a chocolatier鈥檚 best friend.

  • What kind of chocolate can be used for ganache?

  • You will easily find cooking / baking chocolate bars / chips on the baking isle of any departmental store White chocolate can be used for white ganache . Always look for heavy cream or heavy whipping cream with fat content 33 % or more for best results More fat content means richer and stabilized ganache

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