how to decorate with dried hydrangeas

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  • Are dried hydrangeas fall decorating ideas?

  • Once you dry the papery blooms, you might wonder how to use them. Today I鈥檓 excited to share Easy Fall Decorating Ideas with Dried Hydrangeas. They are so versatile and are perfect for fall decor or transitioning out of summer into fall.

  • How to plant Hydrangeas in pots?

  • STEP 1: Clip some nice looking hydrangea mop heads from your plants. I tried to get the ones that didn鈥檛 have any brown dried petals yet. STEP 2: Cut the Floral Foam to fit your pots tightly. I used a serrated knife. STEP 4: Arrange starting from closest to the rim of the pot, working upwards, varying sizes of the flower blooms.

  • When is the best time to dry hydrangeas?

  • I enjoy transitioning into fall slowly with lots of natural decor items like dried hydrangeas. Late summer is the perfect time to start drying hydrangeas. Have you ever dried your own?

  • What can I do with dried hydrangeas and pumpkins?

  • I used white pumpkins, blue and green dried hydrangeas, chaste berry stems, and river birch bark, all from our backyard. Fill a dough bowl with dried hydrangeas and pumpkins for a gorgeous fall centerpiece! ~ Tidbits Twine (check out her fall tour!)

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