how to decorate with oak furniture

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Accessorize around oak cabinetry with treasured objects such asdecorative plates or colored glass vases. Add decorative things to your kitchen that reflect your style or preferred color palette, such as ceramic planters, dish towels, or small appliances.

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  • How to decorate with oak cabinets?

  • Deepen oak with a rich walnut stain and combine it with natural or rustic exposed wood for a look that showcases the individual beauty of the grain. 6. Pair Oak Cabinets with Light Tones

  • What colours go with oak furniture?

  • When working with bold colour, oak furniture can be a perfect pairing. While darker shades will give a room a cosy vibe, more saturated hues create energy and life in a space. Colours like cherry red, ochre yellow, lime green or rusty orange will bring out those warm hues in oak for a zesty palette that warms up a space.

  • How do you decorate with wood furniture?

  • Incorporate colorful accessories to showcase your personality when decorating with wood furniture. Lay a brightly patterned runner across a wood dresser or table. Opt for bold bedding or wall art in a bedroom outfitted with wood furniture. Table lamps, vases, and planters in a rainbow of colors can also help cheer up dark wood furniture.

  • Why choose painted oak furniture?

  • Painted oak allows you to keep the feel of natural wood furniture, at the same time as freeing you up from the warm golden tones of traditional oak furniture. For this reason, painted oak has become really popular in recent years.

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