how to decorate with round mirrors

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Arrange your roundmirror in the center of the wall,so it can be the focal point. Then,hang up small paintings,prints,and portraits around the mirror. Pick out differently-sized paintings to add some extra contrast to your mirror.

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  • What to do with a round mirror on the wall?

  • Sometimes a blank space of wall just needs a little something and you can’t quite put your finger on it鈥攅nter the round mirror. The large gold mirror in this living room helps contrast the bold graphic patterns and complements the round coffee table.

  • How do you arrange a mirror in a room with art?

  • Contrast a large mirror with small pieces of art. Playing around with size is a great way to liven up your walls, and really adds an extra dimension to your living space. Arrange your round mirror in the center of the wall, so it can be the focal point. Then, hang up small paintings, prints, and portraits around the mirror. [1]

  • Why do designers use round mirrors?

  • Regan strategically uses round mirrors in many of her designs to offset rooms鈥?right angles. The structure of a room is typically made up of straight lines and 90-degree angles, and round mirrors are a great way to add contrast and visual interest, she says.

  • What is the best shape for a mirror?

  • Large round mirrors can be a statement piece in every room in the house, adding a stunning chic factor to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms alike. The circular shape takes the mirror from functional to decorative, with a host of frame options, from sleek and chic to vintage and brassy.

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