how to decorate with yellow

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Gentle additions of yellow, inpatterned wallpaper, look just as good as a block colour. Choose pretty floral-printed paperto team with soft neutrals for a subtle take on the trend. Alternatively, make that bold statement with a yellow sofa or even a freshly painted yellow fireplace against dove grey walls.

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  • Is yellow a good color to decorate a room?

  • Known for its mood-enriching properties, decorating with yellow also suits busy daytime rooms such as kitchens and offices where the color is a great backdrop to inspire activity. A stimulating and positive or inviting and cozy, yellow room ideas are ideal for contemporary or period homes.

  • How do you decorate with yellow walls?

  • While decorating with yellow is usually the realm of cottage-style spaces, the hue can take an elegant turn when used on sumptuous materials and in constrained doses. In this living room, silk pillows color a pretty daybed. The color travels to a pair of agate chunk lamps and abstract painting overhead.

  • What color goes with yellow?

  • Gray almost always tops the list of colors that go with yellow. Cool gray tempers yellow to create a nuanced, balanced palette. While this color combination is popular, a unique application ensures a room鈥檚 design is anything but ordinary.

  • How can I use yellow paint to enhance my space?

  • Space enhancing, summery and warm, it can be used to enhance space or make a room feel cozy and intimate. ‘Use paler shades, and yellow will reflect light in and around a room to make it feel bigger and brighter 鈥?the perfect choice for small spaces, narrow corridors or rooms with low ceilings where it can broaden, lengthen and add height.

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