how to decorate with yellow

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Gentle additions of yellow, inpatterned wallpaper, look just as good as a block colour. Choose pretty floral-printed paperto team with soft neutrals for a subtle take on the trend. Alternatively, make that bold statement with a yellow sofa or even a freshly painted yellow fireplace against dove grey walls.

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  • Is yellow a good color to decorate a room?

  • Known for its mood-enriching properties, decorating with yellow also suits busy daytime rooms such as kitchens and offices where the color is a great backdrop to inspire activity. A stimulating and positive or inviting and cozy, yellow room ideas are ideal for contemporary or period homes.

  • How do you decorate with yellow walls?

  • While decorating with yellow is usually the realm of cottage-style spaces, the hue can take an elegant turn when used on sumptuous materials and in constrained doses. In this living room, silk pillows color a pretty daybed. The color travels to a pair of agate chunk lamps and abstract painting overhead.

  • What colors go with yellow for a garden?

  • To build the perfect yellow color scheme, pick one or two shades of yellow to use as accents, plus a dark neutral and doses of white for a balanced color palette. If you’d like to bring in more color, look to hues that you’d find alongside yellow in the garden, such as green, purple, or red.

  • What does the color yellow mean in interior design?

  • Yellow is the color of flowers, lemons, and sunshine. It offers fresh appeal in each of its many variations and adds cheerful brightness to interiors. Use these ideas for decorating with yellow to give any room an infusion of sunny color.

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