how to decorate your cabin door on a cruise

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  • Can You decorate a door on a cruise ship?

  • For safety reasons, all decorations must be made of flame retardant materials. No string lights are allowed on the door or in the hallway. Most cruise cabin doors, like the walls in your stateroom, are metal. This makes decorating with magnets a preferred way to adhere the decorations.

  • How to decorate your cabin for a cruise?

  • Again, you may wish to opt for card and magnets rather than something so bulky for your cruise. Disney cruisers are often the kings of cabin door decorations. Turning that round door number into a Mickey is a common theme, and people often like to add more magnets with their own interests.

  • What are the best decorations for a Disney Cruise?

  • Door decorations are really popular on Disney Cruises and if you don鈥檛 do it, you might feel a little left out of the fun. Each door has a round port-hole shape with the cabin number on which can easily be transformed into a Mickey Mouse head with the addition of ears.

  • Why should you decorate your cabin door?

  • For people with poor eyesight or learning disabilities like NVLD, cruise door decorations can be incredibly valuable. Many cabin numbers are five digits long and so having something unique, bright and colourful on your cabin door can make it much easier to recognise. 2. To celebrate a special occasion

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