how to decorate your diary

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How to Decorate DiaryDecorating Cover. Sticking photos and stickers on the cover will give a nice look or cut out pics from newspapers and magazines and sticking them on the cover …Decorating From Inside. Be creative.Use markers,stickers,pics and pens for decorating the pages.If you are using markers,then use different colors of markers so it will look colorfull.Using stickers will …Starting the Diary. Before start writing in your diary,write your name,age,fav food,fav drink,etc.Also stick a pic of yours on the top of the intro page.OR if you have …Make a Boomark. Make a bookmark so that you dont have to find the page every day.There are more different and creative ideas for making bookmarks on net.So …Always Keep Your Diary Locked!!! Always keep your diary locked and hidden somewhere safe.Like under the couch,under your pillow or just lock it in a drawr.If you dont …

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  • How do you decorate a diary for beginners?

  • Decorate your plain diary. If your diary is a plain notebook, decorate it to make it new and fresh. This will make you more excited to write in your diary each day, and give you a clean slate to think of new ideas for your diary. Cover the diary. A great way to add new flair to a notebook is to entirely cover it with paper or fabric.

  • What can I put on my diary cover?

  • Even if your diary is already fancy, you can still glue some pretty gemstones to the cover. If your diary is plain, but you don’t want to go through a lot of effort of making it fancy, you can always add some pretty stickers to the cover.

  • How can I Make my Notebook look like a diary?

  • 1 Cover the diary. A great way to add new flair to a notebook is to entirely cover it with paper or fabric. … 2 You can even recycle an old pair of jeans to add a pocket to the cover of your notebook. 3 Use stickers, and draw or paint on your diary to add more personalization.

  • How do you decorate the outside of a journal?

  • Decorating the Outside of a Diary Consider decorating the outside of your journal. Decorate the cover with stickers or gemstones. Cover a plain journal with fabric. Cover your journal with colorful paper instead. Add some sparkle with glitter to a plain journal color. Try a duct tape cover.

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