how to describe decorations

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A decoration isanything used to make something more attractive or festive. If you’re having a Valentine’s Day party,drape your house in red and pink decorations. Decoration is also a type of honor,like a soldier’s medal or stripe. Also,decorations are the honors given to people who have won or achieved something.

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  • What are some adjectives commonly used for describing decoration?

  • This reference page can help answer the question what are some adjectives commonly used for describing DECORATION. appropriate, architectural, artistic, beautiful, ceramic, chief, costly, elaborate, exterior external, first, floral, further, general, geometric, gold, gorgeous, highest

  • What is decorations?

  • 1 something that decorates or beautifies. traditionally the family puts lots of decorations on and around the Christmas tree. Synonyms for decoration. adornment, beautifier, caparison, doodad, embellisher, embellishment,

  • How to choose the right words to describe shape?

  • There are two motivations behind your choice of words when describing shape, form and decoration: firstly consistency, and secondly full precision. Firstly you will want to use the consistent words that will allow your record to be retrieved.

  • What is stamped decoration?

  • Stamped decoration is one of the options in the Surface Treatment drop-down list. Please use this to keep all stamped or punched decoration together (although David Williams pointed out years ago that if we all use the term 鈥榮tamped punchmarks鈥?then we include both terms anyway).

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