how to fix cake decorating mistakes

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  • How to fix a broken cake?

  • Ganache basically is a mixture of chocolate and cream which is used as a filling usually. It makes a good edible glue to fill the cracks of your broken cake. Pour it with care and let it dry. If you will be baking chocolate cake, that鈥檚 a perfect solution for the baking mistakes.

  • What can go wrong while baking cakes?

  • Having cracks, sticky top, and bitter taste are some of the most common things that can go wrong while baking cakes. Now, if you have ever been in the heart-breaking situation of getting a broken cake as the results of your baking efforts, we have some ideas and tricks which will let you know how to fix a broken cake.

  • What is the messiest way to fail at baking a cake?

  • Potentially the messiest of all cake fails is when your cake overflows in the oven. But there are a few ways to avoid the headache of having to clean your oven. First, never fill a pan all the way to the top with batter.

  • How do you fix a dry cake that won’t bake?

  • But if you’re reading this after pulling your dry cake out of the oven, there are a few fixes to get some moisture back into your cake. If it’s dry, but still edible, add a heavy layer of buttercream frosting to bring some moisture.

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