how to hang decorative curtain rods

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The easiest ways to hang a curtain rod without brackets is to usecommand hooks, coat hooks, Kwik-Hang curtain-rod brackets, or tension rod curtains. If you want to find the best Curtain Rods, click here.

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  • How do you hang curtain rods?

  • Even though the standard way to hang curtain rods is by drilling and screwing brackets into the wall, the usual method is messy. The headache of mounting, measuring, and hanging curtain rods is real.

  • How do you hang curtains on a dormer window?

  • Depending on the size of your window, you can use dormer rods on each side that meet in the middle, or you can use one longer rod covering the width of the window that swings either to the left or the right. Some curtains attach to the rods with rings, and others slide onto the rod with channels or tabs.

  • How to hang curtains without drilling holes?

  • Tension rods, stick-on curtains, you name it, are all creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes into your walls. With all these ideas, you don鈥檛 have to compromise your modern decor鈥檚 style at the expense of curtain rods. Just make sure to get your facts right before opting for any of them.

  • How far should a curtain rod bracket be from the wall?

  • The bracket needs to be far enough from the adjoining wall to leave room for the finials 鈥?the decorative end pieces you find on many curtain rods 鈥?and don’t forget to leave a little space between the end of the finial and the wall so it doesn’t look crowded.

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