how to install decorative wall molding

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Cut the pieces to the right size. Make sure all of your pieces are cut to the correct size. …Locate and mark your studs. It’s best to nail molding into a stud (the internal,wooden support structure in your walls).Glue the edges. When placing molding,you want to first glue the edges that will be making contact with the wall or ceiling.Place the piece. Once you’ve added your glue,put the piece in places and adjust it until it fits snugly.Nail it in place. With the molding fit into place,put a nail (add the thickness of the molding plus the drywall and a 1/2 for the stud to …Do finishing touches. Use a nail setter to push in nails which are tool exposed. …

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  • How do you install molding on a wall?

  • To install molding, start by cutting the pieces to the right size. Next, locate and mark studs as it鈥檚 best to nail molding into a support structure. When placing the molding, first glue the edges that make contact with the wall or ceiling, then nail the molding into the stud.

  • How do I choose the right wall frame molding?

  • Determine where you’d like your wall frame molding to hang and mark on the wall. Editor’s Tip: To ensure your frames look scaled to the rest of your room, measure the length of the wall and decide how many frames you’d like per wall and how far apart you’d like them to hang.

  • How do you attach molding to studs?

  • Once they’ve been fit into place, nail the molding into the studs, alternating between the top and bottom of the molding. Make sure not to get too close to any edges, as this can cause cracking. With outside corner molding, you should also nail through the end of one piece into the other, if it is thick enough.

  • How do you cover a corner with molding?

  • For inside corners, the back side of the molding should be equal to the length of the wall you need to cover, from the corner to the next piece of molding. Place the pieces. Add glue to the sides of the molding touching the wall or ceiling (being careful not to add too much) and then fit them into place.

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