how to make a paper ball decoration

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  • How do you make a ball out of paper?

  • 1 Bring the fold around to form a circle. 2 Tug the top sheet of paper gently upward to start the ball. Do this on both sides of the fold. 3 Repeat for the top 鈪?of the stack (roughly). 4 Flip the stack over. Repeat for the top 鈪?on the other side. 5 Turn the ball on its side. Tug apart the remaining sheets of paper to complete the ball.

  • How to make a paper honeycomb ball?

  • To make paper honeycomb ball you will need Paper (two colors), Pencil, Glue, Roller scale, Thread and Scissors only. Take color paper (any two colors) and cut out six circles from each. Fold these circles in a half and fold in quarters.

  • What kind of paper do you need for a DIY paper flower ball?

  • What Kind Of Paper Do You Need For A DIY Paper Flower Ball? I used just regular weight colored paper for this one, like colored printer paper. I do not recommend that you use cardstock or anything too heavy as it will not fold as easily as regular paper.

  • What to do with paper balls for Christmas?

  • Remodelaholic made some paper balls that look a bit 鈥減ieced鈥?together. It鈥檚 just another fun take on a classic Christmas ornament. 47. Paper Neutral Balls Nalle鈥檚 House made some neutral-colored balls for those with a more monochromatic or contemporary holiday style. Grab the details and inspiration after the jump. 48.

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