how to make christmas tree decorations

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  • How do you decorate a small Christmas tree for beginners?

  • If you want to make easy DIY Christmas tree decorations, spray-paint pine cones either gold or silver, then use ribbon to hang them from the tree. You could also thread popcorn and cranberries onto a long piece of strong thread to create a pretty garland that you can wrap around your tree, hang on the walls, or place outside.

  • How to make a Christmas tree ornaments with natural materials?

  • Homemade Christmas tree ornaments with natural materials. Use wallnuts and almonds to make these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. If you want to add a bit of a glamour, paint them in gold. If you prefer their nautural hue, just add some beautiful checkered ribbon.

  • How do you decorate a cinnamon stick Christmas tree?

  • Make cinnamon bundles. Take five or six cinnamon sticks and form a bundle. Tie with a piece of red or green ribbon and make a bow on top. Hang from the branches of the Christmas tree for a pretty and fragrant ornament!

  • What do you need to make paper Christmas decorations?

  • An old classic 鈥?these timeless paper Christmas decorations are easy to make, look effortlessly festive on the tree, and will keep the kids occupied. All you need is scissors, paper, and glue to create loops of paper that fasten on to each other to create colourful chains.

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