how to make mason jar decor

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Use a piece of twine to make a little handle for the jar and some lace or ribbonto decorate the jar on the outside. Then put a candle inside and you鈥檙e done. You can have several of these Mason jar candle lanterns,each with a different design. Also,you can use battery-operated candles to avoid any possible fire damage.

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  • What are some unique Mason Jar decor ideas?

  • This unique mason jar decor is sure to make your day as you watch the neighborhood birds swoop into your yard and snack on the tasty bird seed you leave out for them. 22. Lace Mason Jar Vase This stunning and chic mason jar idea is a showstopper when paired with blooming flowers.

  • How do you decorate a mason jar vase?

  • Naturally, you can take your mason jar vase to the next level by decorating it in a beautiful way. If you鈥檇 like to achieve a rustic vibe with the help of your mason jar, you can coat them in white or beige paint first. Then tie strips of burlap or lace around them for that truly vintage look.

  • How to make a chandelier with Mason jars?

  • A couple of mason jars can make a fantastic chandelier to dazzle up any place. You just need light bulbs, mason jars, and some other basic electrical supplies. Remember to drill some holes at the top or bottom of the jar as the light bulb needs to breathe.

  • Can I customize my own Mason Jar drinkware?

  • If you鈥檙e interested in designing your own, browse our mason jar drinkware that you can customize for any special occasion, from party favors to gifts paired with personalized Christmas cards. Here are a few ideas we tried and loved! Looking for more mason jar ideas?

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