how to make mason jar decor

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Use a piece of twine to make a little handle for the jar and some lace or ribbonto decorate the jar on the outside. Then put a candle inside and you鈥檙e done. You can have several of these Mason jar candle lanterns,each with a different design. Also,you can use battery-operated candles to avoid any possible fire damage.

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  • How to decorate a room with Mason jars?

  • Just attach your mason jars to the wooden board and mount it up over the walls to hold cotton sticks, cotton balls, glasses and so much more and thus make your routines so much easy to run. thediyplaybook Here is the idea of creating a gorgeous unicorn mason jar vase for your little girl鈥檚 room and she would just love it.

  • How do you make a soap dispenser out of a mason jar?

  • Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue. Repurpose the classic Mason jar as a soap or lotion dispenser in your bathroom. Step 1: First, measure and mark the center of the jar’s lid. Step 2: Using a 1/2 high-speed steel drill bit, drill a hole to fit the width of a soap dispenser pump.

  • What to do with a trio of Mason Jar vases?

  • Trio of Decorative Mason Jar Wall Vases Make a statement with this trio of mason jar wall vases. Filled with greenery and a creamy white peony, each painted mason jar becomes a gorgeous new vase. Adhered to this distressed board, this jar family creates a gorgeous piece of wall art that makes a great gift for any interior design lover.

  • What do you need to make a mason jar Lantern?

  • Mason Jar Lanterns for Outdoors To pull these together all you will need is some wire for the handles and the light inserts most often sold at nearby craft stores. You can also swap out the battery-powered light for a candle for even more charm. 10. Chicken wired Utensil Holders for Your Kitchen

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