how to measure for decorative exterior shutters

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The most common way to measure for decorative shutters is to measure thewindow trim and install shutters that are the entire height of the trim.

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  • How do you measure exterior shutter width?

  • Divide this calculation by two (2) for the individual exterior shutter width. Windows measuring less than 32 inches wide may use a single shutter that opens to one side. For shallow window openings, measure from the outside left of the window casing, or trim, to the outside right.

  • What should shutters look like on a window?

  • Keep in mind that the shutters should look like if they could close to cover the window. Vinyl shutters are available in 12 and 15 standard widths. Custom widths are also available.

  • How much clearance do you need for shutters?

  • If your shutters will be operable (meaning you want them to open and close), subtract 1/2 inch from your width measurement to allow for clearance. If you’ll have two shutters (one on either side of the window), divide your final window width measurement in half to determine the width of each individual shutter.

  • How do I reduce the size of my shutters?

  • This dimension can be reduced by 2 without losing any of the visual effects. If you have very short windows where the height is less than the width, I suggest you divide the width of the window by 4 and order your shutters that width.

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