how to open studio decor floating frame

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  • Is a float frame right for your art?

  • A float frame is a good option for those tight on space because the frame does not add multiple inches to the piece. Your piece is contemporary: Float frames complement contemporary art pieces very well. The edges of your pieces are interesting: Are there any details or interesting edges and textures on the edges of your piece?

  • How do you make a floating picture frame?

  • Floating picture frames may look more complicated than traditional frames, but they are used in much the same way in just a few simple steps. Determine how much extra space you want between the floating image and the frame itself, then select a floating frame with dimensions to match.

  • Do floater framers need a step?

  • When using a floater frame that doesn鈥檛 have a step, proper spacing can be ensured by another means detailed ahead. Typically, the art is held in the frame by screwing it in through the back, the process of which follows.

  • What are the pros and cons of floating picture frames?

  • It may seem picky, but floating frames show every minor inconsistency, whereas standard picture frames or matted pictures have the benefit of hiding edges with overlap. Place the glass backing back on the frame, making sure not to accidentally nudge the photograph — if you do bump the picture, open the frame back up and re-measure.

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