how to start your own balloon decorating business

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  • How to start a balloon business?

  • The first step to starting any small business is conducting market research to know the industry setting you plan to enter. While you research, outline a customer profile, market trends, and analyse data to understand the demand. For a balloon business, you鈥檒l likely target people holding large events or parties.

  • Do I need a balloon decorating certification?

  • Although not essential to operating a legitimate balloon decor business, being able to tell your clients that you have been certified as a balloon artist certainly adds credibility to your business . There are so many online resources to tap into!

  • How do I determine the price of my balloon decor business?

  • When determining the price of your balloon business, you’ll want to create goals for revenue + how much profit you want your balloon decor business to make.

  • How do I become a balloon artist?

  • Learning the actual skills to create something with balloons is easily accessible with training courses online, YouTube videos (including BMTV), face to face training and supportive industry groups. However the business stuff is the stuff that will make you successful or not.

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