how to start your own balloon decorating business

People also ask

  • Do I need a balloon decorating certification?

  • Although not essential to operating a legitimate balloon decor business, being able to tell your clients that you have been certified as a balloon artist certainly adds credibility to your business . There are so many online resources to tap into!

  • How do balloon distributors make money?

  • For instance, many balloon distributors start from their own homes, which negates the overhead of a business lease or business utilities.

  • Is a balloon business a good idea?

  • A balloon business is fun, has high margins, and needs little capital to start. There are also various set-ups that will appeal to differing personalities and financial resources. This is an exciting business that will depend more on your personal input than from a large capital.

  • What equipment do you need to start a balloon business?

  • The good news is that to start a balloon business you don鈥檛 actually need too much equipment. You will need a basic air pump (hand and/or electric), a sizing guide to inflate the balloons correctly, helium tank and helium inflator if you are going to offer helium balloons.

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