is disney world decorated for christmas at thanksgiving

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  • Does Disney World decorate for Thanksgiving 2019?

  • Despite the crowds, Thanksgiving at Disney World is a decidedly low-key affair as far as the actual holiday is concerned. Don’t expect to see window fronts decorated with cornucopias and pilgrims everywhere you turn. All of the parks will be decorated for the holidays 鈥?just not the Thanksgiving holiday 鈥?and that’s fine by us.

  • Which Disney theme parks have the best Christmas decorations?

  • If there is one Disney theme park that outdoes Magic Kingdom during the Christmas season, it may just be Epcot. The park really goes all-out with events and decorations, with the showpiece being the icon tree located in World Showcase Lagoon (between World Showcase and Future World).

  • Is Thanksgiving a good day to visit Disney World?

  • If you’re headed to Thanksgiving at Disney World, you want to pay even closer attention to our Crowd Calendar, so you can pick the best day to visit. While this week isn’t as crowded as the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, it will still be very busy.

  • When will the Christmas decorations be up at Walt Disney World?

  • You can expect all the decorations to be up and lights to be on in their entirety closer to the official start date of the holidays at Walt Disney World on November 12, 2021. Christmas decorations at Disney Springs also begin to take their place in early November. Keep in mind that like the theme parks, decorating for the holidays can take a while.

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