is gold decor in style

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  • What does the color gold mean in interior design?

  • The golden color in the interior is a symbol of wealth and respectability. The skillful combination of a beckoning shade of noble metal with other deep colors will turn even the most ordinary room into royal apartments. And although the gold color is quite complicated, you should not refuse to use it during the design of the room.

  • What is gold wall decor and how to decorate with it?

  • Gold wall decor is the best idea for those who want to add a new sparkle to their room. One tiny gold element on your wall will enrich it with enough splash of color, light, and elegance. Sounds simple, isn鈥檛 it? As easy as it appears to be, this kind of decor is tricky. Would you like to know why?

  • Are gold fixtures and hardware back in style?

  • Why gold fixtures and hardware are back in style. Did they ever go out in the first place? Flip through any home design magazine, peruse photos on Pinterest and Houzz, and you鈥檒l notice that gold fixtures and hardware are back in style. But the real question is, did brass ever go out of style? The answer is yes, and no.

  • How to decorate a small bathroom with gold accent?

  • Gold accents sit comfortably against the rich tone. A set of small side tables with elegant gold legs double as a plant stand. A neat gold faucet and gold shaving mirrors decorate the small space. Gold tipped lighting has been incorporated into the modern bathroom vanity.

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