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  • Are gold fixtures and hardware back in style?

  • Why gold fixtures and hardware are back in style. Did they ever go out in the first place? Flip through any home design magazine, peruse photos on Pinterest and Houzz, and you鈥檒l notice that gold fixtures and hardware are back in style. But the real question is, did brass ever go out of style? The answer is yes, and no.

  • What is modern glam decor?

  • The modern glam look is typically achieved through the combination of three colors: an accent color (pink, gray, etc.) Let鈥檚 go over a few specific ways you can get a modern glamorous decor look in your home! Here are fifteen solid elements of the glamorous style look. These pieces will ensure your home always has a modern glam vibe to it! 1.

  • What is the difference between brass and gold hardware?

  • The gold finish of brass provides warmth, sophistication, and elegance to any room, and these days, it has a brushed finish, not a 鈥渂rassy鈥?one. Homeowners are requesting gold and brass hardware more often in the kitchens we build. Cabinet hardware is the finishing touch – it’s like the jewelry of the kitchen.

  • What is the Art Deco style?

  • The Art Deco style inside is the style of the 鈥渟tars鈥? a brilliant highlight of the beauty and worship of the world, which was born on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the interwar period. Its predecessor can be considered modern, admiring the splendor of the past and striving to walk on it with a modern scissor.

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