must have cake decorating supplies

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  • What are the must-have cake decorating supplies?

  • Must-have cake decorating supplies vary from one person to the next. If you’re a sheet cake person like Ree Drummond, a few piping bags and piping tips might be all you need to create a rosette-covered masterpiece.

  • What tools do you need to decorate a cake?

  • For decorating, especially with cookie cutters, this tool is a must. Here鈥檚 an example of a cake I did that relied on an even roll out. Fondant Mat 鈥?Having a large fondant mat is super helpful when rolling out fondant. You will want to use a non-stick medium like corn starch or powdered sugar.

  • What do I need to make a cake for beginners?

  • My essentials list for beginners is: 1 Pastry bags 2 Basic set of decorating tips 3 Offset spatula 4 Food coloring 5 Turntable stand for the cake

  • Is there a beginner鈥檚 Guide to cake decorating?

  • Here鈥檚 a helpful beginner鈥檚 guide to Cake Decorating that was given to me for use by Shari鈥檚 Berries. Click on the infographic for more great information about cake decorating.

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