what are the cake decorating tools

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Types of Cake Decorating ToolsBeginner Tools: an offset spatula,a bench scraper,a piping bag,coupler set with basic icing tips to inscribe,pipe a border,add rosettesHome Baker Tools: a simple set of piping tips,piping bags,offset spatula and bench scraperProfessional Tools: some professionals may choose more elaborate/detailed pastry tips

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  • What tools do you use to decorate your cake?

  • It helps evenly spreading frosting between cake layers, and work frosting around the cake for the crumb coat! I also use it for certain decorating techniques. Bench scraper 鈥?This tool is ESSENTIAL to getting smooth sides and sharp edges on your cakes!! I have several, but this one is the one I use the most.

  • What tools do you need to be a baker?

  • It is often over looked in the required tools a baker should have but it is necessary. You will love this simple tool and appreciate it more with every cake you make. Whether you are cutting the top off of a cake or slicing a cake into layers, a long serrated knife will be useful for cutting cakes of all kinds.

  • What is a cake decorating kit?

  • This kit is for first-time cake decorators or for anyone who wants to improve their basic techniques. The kit includes a full-color instruction book that shows you all kinds of different decorating techniques to make things super simple as well as a link to a video tutorial library that offers even more instruction.

  • What is a cake spatula used for?

  • The cake spatula is your favorite tool when decorating a cake serving multiple purposes. Icing, frosting or separating layers, the spatula always helps. It is a must have tool for beginners or even the pros.

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