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  • Did you know 25 things you didn鈥檛 know about Restoration Hardware?

  • That being said, here are 25 things you probably didn鈥檛 know about Restoration Hardware: The company was founded in Eureka, CA way back in 1979 by Stephen Gordon. At the time, Gordon was in the process of restoring an old Victorian home.

  • Who is the founder of Restoration Hardware?

  • At that point in time, RH鈥檚 founder became CEO of the Sundance Catalog Company owned by Robert Redford. In 1998, when Restoration Hardware went public, Gordon and his company were operating 47 stores.

  • What is Restoration Hardware (RH)?

  • Restoration Hardware (RH) is an American company that sells home furnishings through its retail stores, catalog and online. Perhaps you鈥檝e heard of the company Restoration Hardware (RH). It鈥檚 a longstanding and very popular home-furnishings company in the U.S. that has its headquarters in Corte Madera, California.

  • Where does Restoration Hardware get its chandeliers?

  • If you ever visit a Restoration Hardware store, like so many others have, you could end up walking out with anything from an opulent chandelier to an English coal mining lantern. Approximately 65 percent of the RH products are imported from overseas, especially from southern Chinese contract manufacturers.

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