what happened to restoration hardware holiday decor

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  • Does Restoration Hardware have holiday decorations for less?

  • Since the holidays are just around the corner and everyone is already getting excited for Christmas, I decided to do a Restoration Hardware Holiday edition of Get the Look for Less! Who doesn鈥檛 love beautiful Christmas decorations for a fraction of the price??

  • How much is a lighted Christmas tree at Restoration Hardware?

  • These trees have timers so you don鈥檛 have to worry about burning too much electricity. I slashed the $179.00 price tag down to $75.00 by finding the same exact Restoration Hardware lighted tree on Ebay. Score! I just love the look of these honeycomb candle holders.

  • How much would it cost to buy Restoration Hardware?

  • If you were to buy all of the Restoration Hardware items brand new outright, your grand total would be $615.00 before tax. A lot of that money could be better spent on Christmas presents, amIright?

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