when are christmas decorations taken down

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5th or 6th January

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  • When should you take your Christmas decorations down?

  • In fact, it’s a modern idea to take Christmas decorations down on the 5th or 6th January. In Medieval times in the United Kingdom, people kept their Christmas decorations up until Candlemas 鈥?or the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ 鈥?which falls on 2nd February.

  • How have Christmas decorations changed over the years?

  • In modern times, Christmas decorations have got bigger and twinklier and spread all over the inside and outside our homes. In terms of wider decorations 鈥?like lights in our gardens 鈥?there are less dictating traditions.

  • How long should you leave your Christmas tree and decorations up?

  • There is good news for those who prefer to leave their tree and decorations up longer, however. In some religious traditions, it is said the Christmas season is actually 40 days long, not 12.

  • When does Christmastime end?

  • Previously, it had been long standing tradition to mark the end of Christmastime on Feb. 2 鈥?the feast of the Lord鈥檚 Presentation in the Temple, which is literally 40 days after Christmas, as indicated in Scripture.

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