when are christmas decorations taken down

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  • When should you take down your Christmas decorations?

  • Well, depending on which Christian calendar you follow, the 5th or 6th of January could be the answer. When should you take your Christmas decorations down? Most of the tradition around the taking down of Christmas decorations is centered around the tree because, back in the day, that was likely the only decoration.

  • How have Christmas decorations changed over the years?

  • In modern times, Christmas decorations have got bigger and twinklier and spread all over the inside and outside our homes. In terms of wider decorations 鈥?like lights in our gardens 鈥?there are less dictating traditions.

  • When should you take your Christmas tree down?

  • When to take your Christmas tree down is all dependant on when you start counting the ’12 Days of Christmas’, if you’re going by tradition. The Church of England counts from Christmas Day, so the Twelfth Night always falls on 5th January.

  • When does Christmastime end?

  • Previously, it had been long standing tradition to mark the end of Christmastime on Feb. 2 鈥?the feast of the Lord鈥檚 Presentation in the Temple, which is literally 40 days after Christmas, as indicated in Scripture.

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