when are you supposed to take your christmas decorations down

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  • When should I take down my Christmas tree and decorations?

  • When Christmas has come and gone for another year, we’re still desperate to cling on to that festive spirit 鈥?but when is the most appropriate time to take down our Christmas decorations and our Christmas tree? Well, depending on which Christian calendar you follow, the 5th or 6th of January could be the answer.

  • Why do we take down Christmas decorations?

  • Most of the tradition around the taking down of Christmas decorations is centered around the tree because, back in the day, that was likely the only decoration. In modern times, Christmas decorations have got bigger and twinklier and spread all over the inside and outside our homes.

  • Do You Leave Your Christmas decorations up after Twelfth Night?

  • According to some old superstitions, if you still have Christmas decorations up after Twelfth Night, you have to leave them out for the rest of the year. A Christmas tree in August isn’t an appealing prospect!

  • How long should you leave your Christmas decorations up?

  • Depending on what you believe, you can decide when to take the Christmas decorations. ( olgasparrow / Adobe Stock) There is good news for those who prefer to leave their tree and decorations up longer, however. In some religious traditions, it is said the Christmas season is actually 40 days long, not 12.

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