when to trim back decorative grasses

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Late winter or early spring

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  • When to cut back ornamental grasses?

  • When to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses? Warm-season ornamental grasses should cut back / trimmed back in the fall so that they鈥檙e just 1 or 2 inches tall. Typically, they turn a brown shade when the weather gets colder. Once these grasses turn brown, it鈥檚 time to trim the grass back.

  • How do you prune ornamental grasses?

  • Now that your ornamental grasses are neatly bundled, it’s much easier to take your pruning shears and prune the grass back at ground level. The tape is holding the grass blades in place, so you can lean the ornamental grass bundle away from the base as you cut, to make cutting easier.

  • How do you cut brown grass in the fall?

  • 1 Wait until late in the season to cut brown or spent grass. You want to cut back your grass once a year, as late in the season as possible. 2 Gather your grass and tie it in a bundle. Long grasses are easiest to trim after you gather them into bundles. 3 Cut the grass to about 10 inches (25 cm) tall using hedging shears. … More items…

  • How far should I cut my grass down?

  • Cut cool-season grasses down to about a third of their height. Cool season grasses don鈥檛 need to be cut down quite as far as warm season grasses. Instead, they should be trimmed down to their lowest point of new growth, about 鈪?of the way down the plant. For a 3 feet (91 cm) tall grass, this means you should cut it back to about 1 foot (30 cm).

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