where to buy rustic wedding decorations

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  • How do you decorate a Rustic Wedding on a budget?

  • Starting under $3, these fairy lights will transform your rustic wedding into a dreamy romantic space. Add these lights to mason jars or hurricane vases for rustic wedding decorations on a budget. You can buy mason jars in bulk here (cheap!) The fairy lights are by ChurchHouseWoodworks.

  • What are rustic wedding accessories?

  • Rustic wedding accessories have become all the rage in the wedding industry. This years new arrivals have been designed with a rustic vintage flair, whether covered in burlap or lace these accessories will compliment a rustic wedding theme.

  • What is a Rustic Wedding and should you have one?

  • More than any accessories or types of wedding decorations you opt for, rustic weddings are all about creating a feeling of organic simplicity and comfort. The way that we design ‘rustic’ is in a more elevated and timeless way, explains Vierra.

  • What are the sneakiest rustic decorations on a budget?

  • Ready for the sneakiest rustic decorations on a budget? A fake cake! A fake wedding cake is one of the easiest ways to save money on your wedding. Plus, this one is huge! Add any kind of rustic topper you like best. By CakeintheCupboard. All you need is sheet cake hidden in the kitchen and served to guests.

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