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  • How to decorate a car for a wedding?

  • This wedding car decoration idea is sure to grab attention on your wedding day. Instead of adding a bunch of flowers, you can also have a floral wreath along with the 鈥楯ust Married鈥?banner. What鈥檚 more, is that it will look great as a photo prop if you wish to take pictures against it.

  • What happens to the bridal car after the wedding?

  • After the bridal car is used, the florist may change the car鈥檚 decoration or add some details to it for the purpose of using it as a getaway car. Every couple dreams of having quality bridal and wedding car decorations in Singapore not just to flaunt the romance and relationship, but also to shout to the whole world how happy they are.

  • Why hire a car decorator to decorate your car?

  • Because accordingly, your car decorator will choose the elements for your vehicle decoration. It鈥檚 a simple formula 鈥?The grandeur the decoration, the more the price. Q7. Which elements should we use to dcor our wedding car?

  • What to put in the boot of a white car for wedding?

  • A bouquet of white flowers of your choice resting on the boot of your white vehicle looks graceful and would make for great pictures too. We鈥檙e loving how minimal yet elegant this simple wedding car decoration looks!

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