why do we use decorators in python

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Add functionality to an existing code

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  • How to use a decorator in Python?

  • To use a decorator ,you attach it to a function like you see in the code below. We use a decorator by placing the name of the decorator directly above the function we want to use it on. You prefix the decorator function with an @ symbol. Here is a simple example. This decorator logs the date and time a function is executed:

  • What is a decorator and how to use it?

  • A decorator is used to modify the behaviour of a function or a class. The way this is achieved is by defining a function (decorator) that returns another function. This sounds complicated, but you will understand everything with this example: Let鈥檚 go step-by step.

  • What is chaining decorators in Python?

  • In Python, we can apply several decorators to a single function. The decorators, on the other hand, will be used in the sequence that we鈥檝e designated. This is called chaining decorators. Q1. Define a decorator that prints five 鈥?鈥?signs before and after the function execution.

  • How to call a function from another function in decorator?

  • In Decorators, functions are taken as the argument into another function and then called inside the wrapper function. In the above code, gfg_decorator is a callable function, will add some code on the top of some another callable function, hello_decorator function and return the wrapper function. print(This is inside the function !!)

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